Which Kitchen Counter Installers Should You Use?

Kitchen counter installers need to work with the hardest, strongest materials they can find in order to make your kitchen look amazing! Your cabinets may also need installers, but these are generally the easiest to deal with since most cabinets come pre-assembled. There are some exceptions, but most cabinets are fairly simple to install on their own. If you’re dealing with an installation that will require additional work, your options tend to become somewhat more limited. The cabinets listed here are some of the best options you have for cabinets:

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Granite – This is probably the most common choice you’ll see among kitchen counter installers. It is strong and durable, but it does not have a lot of personality or style. It’s also extremely easy to clean, which is important if you plan to stain the countertop surface. If the countertop surface is prone to scratches and nicks, a stainless steel sink might be a better option to keep from staining and etching the countertop. The granite countertop surface is also relatively inexpensive, so it can be affordable to install.

Ceramic tile – Although this is a popular choice among homeowners, ceramic tile does not make good choices for all countertops. Because it’s made out of clay, it’s porous and can stain easily. It also doesn’t stand up to heat very well, so if you do get an installation done on a granite countertop, you may end up having to add a new underhand heat treatment after a while. This type of installation is not recommended for the amateur handyman.

Laminates – If you are looking for a contractor to install ceramic tile, there are several types of laminates that are popular with kitchen counter installers. However, these laminates aren’t very appealing. They are shiny and expensive and most homeowners prefer a different look. Stone and granite are also popular choices for these installations. The reason is that they are more attractive, but they are also more durable.

Granite – You can get really nice finishes with granite. It can range from a natural gray to a dark blue or black. It’s very beautiful and stands up well to heat and scratching. This is a popular choice for kitchen countertops because it is also durable, which is essential if you want your countertops to last for many years. Contractors can use a heat treatment to seal the tiles to make them resistant to stains and water damage.

If you have stainless steel kitchen counters, you should consider getting granite instead of marble or quartz. This choice will add value to your home as well as a look that many people prefer. The best way to learn more about the pros and cons of each is to contact a local contractor.

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