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The Search for the Real Meaning of Shayariholic Attitude is a process which seeks to evaluate how life can be meaningful and enjoyable while still following the principles of the Universe. It also recognizes that there are limitations placed upon us by language, culture, tradition, and other forces within the world. Understanding these limitations as we live them allows us to creatively overcome them and make the most of our interactions with others. It also enables us to make the most of our opportunities to share life’s joy and happiness. If you want more info, see it here.

For centuries the Ayurvedic Sita was translated by monks in India, and Tibet. When translated and recited in its original Sanskrit the Sita recite only twelve verses. After reciting the Sita it requires twenty one mantras or wordings. When recited in its original form the mantras ask you to focus on each word and what it means. The words themselves are very symbolic and have spiritual meanings not only to the individual reader but also to those listening to the recitation.

Recently a popular company in India has created a series of movies, television shows, and music videos with quotes from the Sita. The movies address the theme of the Sita and how we can utilize our thinking and emotions to make the most of our situations. Some of the movies address various problems that we may face in our personal and professional lives. In one of the movies a character says the words, “Shaurya shaari nishchit rasya.” The word that comes before that is “Rasya” which is translated as “joy”.

The Search for the Real Meaning of the Sita is an idealistic look at life. It challenges our assumptions and often brings us back to reality by reminding us that although we believe something to be true it may not be. This film addresses such issues as materialism, greed, violence, and power. All are pointed out as obstacles to the pursuit of happiness. When you watch this movie after you have finished it you will understand what I mean.

The Search is an excellent example of Indian realism. The director is an ardent lover of Hinduism and has many times referred to the Hindu trinity as a model for his movies. Although I do not understand much of Hinduism I have always found the subject interesting. In Search for the Real Meaning of Sita the director uses the story to bring the audience closer to the characters. It is this proximity that makes the audience feel close to the main character, Shrek. The audience even begins to identify with him on a personal level.

The music is composed of traditional Sanskrit music accompanied by guitar in the background. The songs are not only sweet and melodic but also have the capability to calm you down. The songs even endearing to the ears. They depict a lifestyle that the characters in the film have chosen, a lifestyle of bliss and thankfulness.

The visual and performing features of the film are both good. The storyline is well told and the acting is always comic. There is no fighting or killing of any characters. There are very few scenes where you see violence. Although there is some strong language but thankfully none is ever forced.

Overall I would say that Search is a great film. I wish the makers had more time to explore the themes it touches upon but they were already so caught up in the making of the film. This film would be an eternal classic if it were not for the two amazing performances by Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston. One day we will see the duo again in a big budget Hollywood production.

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