Ride & Joy Window Tinting

Ride & Joy Window Tinting is the name of the new store we will be featuring in this article. The new store will be located at 9th Street and Division Avenue in Parker, Colorado. If you live in or around Denver, we highly recommend that you check this store out. The owners, Kim and Bill Johnson, have several stores throughout Colorado and plan to eventually open an international store. It’s nice to know they are dedicated to providing customers with quality products while keeping it interesting and fun.

Ride Joy Window Tinting

We drove by the store today and noticed the owner, Bill Johnson, and his partner, Kim, inside with their infant, Lexy. As we walked up, we could see the cute little babies and kittens enjoying playing with a variety of toys and an array of colorful spark plugs. They were certainly having a great time. When we asked if they did International Auto Parts, Kim replied, “Yes, we do!”

When we asked what they did, Kim responded, “We spark plug repair, paint trucks, automotive bodywork, and custom automotive accessories. We are very proud to provide our clients with excellent customer service and high quality products. Our main goal is to please our customers and exceed their expectations.” We both agree that is exactly what we expect from our auto parts and auto service providers. They are knowledgeable, caring, helpful, and love their jobs. We felt fortunate to be able to witness that love as we walked into the shop and Bill Johnson proudly showed us his spark plug repair shop with his partner Kim.

We were very impressed with the passion and professionalism of these two guys. Bill Johnson had the necessary knowledge and enthusiasm needed to succeed in this endeavor. Kim was enthusiastic as well, but did not have the necessary tools and knowledge to make it happen. The first time we saw Kim’s towing service equipment was a quite memorable experience for us as we looked at the neat cars, neat trucks, and neat spark plugs. We had been shopping for car engine parts and accessories locally, and were quite excited when we found out how well matched these parts were.

After visiting several auto repair shops, we decided to make the decision to give one business a try. Immediately, we were impressed with the variety of items and services they provided. We were informed of a thirty day guarantee on all purchases, a twenty four hour on call facility, and that if we did not feel satisfied with the services provided by the business we would be free to return the merchandise. On the same day, we met again with Kim and he assured us that he would keep us updated throughout our vehicle repair and replacement process. Several phone calls were made to various companies, but no satisfactory information was received.

It was apparent to us that the advertising being used by these towing companies was geared towards attracting new customers. While we appreciated the many useful services they provided, it became apparent that they were only after one thing and that was our business. They made sure to mention to many customers that if they should happen to buy a vehicle from them, they would provide roadside assistance. We were quite impressed with this because roadside assistance is usually an optional service. Most of us would prefer that if we had an accident, the automobile company we use for our car repair and replacement didn’t have to take care of any extra costs.

We were able to finally locate a company that offered quality customer service, a warranty on the workmanship and an affordable price for vehicle windows. The screen tints were a complete success! The ladies in our neighborhood were jealous of our neighbors who could now see well into the automobile windows thanks to Ride & Joy. We are very glad that we decided to spend the extra money and go with them. We highly recommend this business to anyone who needs assistance with their vehicle windows.

We are pleased with the results of our Ride & Joy purchase and have already talked to several different businesses regarding the many different kinds of screen tints they offer. We are confident that this will be a short term purchase for us and we will definitely order more products as time goes by. We are currently enjoying our Ride & Joy product and we can definitely say that it has helped us out greatly. We will continue to do business with these individuals and encourage others to do the same.

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