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Sukra Pasah Pon - Medangsia  
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North Bali Restaurants & Bars



Organic Indonesian Cuisine


Bali Panorama is a small but cozy restaurant serving healthy, organic Indonesian food. Travelling from Lovina via Seririt to Munduk, you'll find this exclusive little restaurants at the left hand side of the main road, about 8 km past the old market town of Seririt.

The quality of the dishes is perfect and the prices are moderate.

Situated at marvellous view point, Bali Panorama offers stunning views over a wide valley with green, terraced rice fields below and the peaks of mountains in the background. The healthy fruits and the vegetable ingredients of the dishes are without exception organic and fresh, harvested in the fertile area around the restaurant.

On Bali Panorama's menu you will find among others healthy Salads (potato, tomato plus a special mixed salad) and the Balinese Rujak salad, a choice of very tasty Soups - Soto Ayam (chicken), Tomato, Chicken Noodle Vegetable soup, Egg soup, and Vegetable soup. Furthermore there are delicious Spring Rolls, a variety of Sandwiches (Egg, Chicken or Special) and Pancakes (Banana, Pineapple or Lemon Sugar).

The Main Dishes of Bali Panorama feature among others a delicious Gado-Gado (mixed vegetables which are served with a very tasty peanut sauce), an exquisite Cap Cay (stirred, fried vegetables), Nasi Goreng (fried rice topped with a fried egg and served with prawn crackers), Mie Goreng (fried noodles), a special Babi Kecap (sliced pork meat in sweet soya sauce) and Urab Bali.

Furthermore there is a choice of delicious Bali Satay (pork, chicken, beef or mixed) served with crispy prawn crackers, plain white rice and a perfect satay sauce, Rendang (choice of beef, pork or chicken), Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken) and Ayam Curry (chicken in curry sauce), Ayam Santan (chicken in special, tasty coconut sauce) and Vegetable Curry (healthy vegetables in curry sauce).

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Contact Information:
Bali Panorama Restaurant
Jl. Raya Bedugul-Seririt
desa Mayong


: +62 (0)81 338 630 449