witnessed, researched and documented by Pak Robert

Mark signs at a shrine of a family temple in desa Kayuputih Melaka, Buleleng Buleleng, February 2005 - Several thousands (about sixty percent) of the family temples, plankiran (wall temples) and entrance gates of family compounds in the districts of Karangasem, Buleleng and Tabanan showed strange white marks overnight. The phenomenon was first noticed in Karangasem around 6pm of Wednesday, February 16th 2005, and from there it 'traveled' within 24 hours along the north coast in westward direction. At the evening of Thursday, February 17th, they finally also appeared in desa Sidakarya near Denpasar.

Remarkably, the temple marks were only encountered at Hindu family compounds, including those of 'mixed marriages'; they have not been found at family compounds of those of Islamic, Christian or other religions. One might therefore be apt to believe that the phenomenon was Hindu or was meant for the Hindu people.

One of the first questions asked was, where did these mysterious marks came from? Who made them? To answer these questions it should be noted that the marks have also been encountered at hard to access temple shrines located at the roofs of houses and at wall temples in closed rooms, among others at the plankiran in a room of the heavily guarded house of Bali's governor, Ketut Mangku Pastika. Moreover, no one has been 'caught in the act' of making them during these first 24 hours. So, unless the people of the concerned districts were involved in a mass conspiracy and kept this a secret until this very day, it seems practically impossible that the mysterious marks were man-made. Then, what's behind this all, and why did it happen?

Mark signs at a shrine of a family temple in desa Kayuputih Melaka, Buleleng

The drawing of Jero Gede Mecaling of the Pura Ped, Nusa Penida The first reaction of the local people was one of fear. The marks were generally regarded as an omen, most probably a sign that the holy volcano Gunung Agung was about to erupt (last eruption in 1965). This fear was emphasized by superstition caused by the spreading of a drawing depicting the evil Jero Gede Mecaling of Pura Ped at Nusa Penida immediately after the appearance of the temple marks, drawn by a holy man from Karangasem. The drawing came with written instructions not to erect a penjor and to refrain from making certain types of offerings with the upcoming Galungan celebrations to avoid disease and disaster. However as it appeared later, the drawing and the instructions had nothing to do with the temple marks phenomenon, but instead were meant for a patient of the holy man. Some unfortunate coincidences (?) caused the drawing and the instructions to fall into the wrong hands (of some students), who started to copy and spread the documents in connection with the temple marks phenomenon.

If there indeed was no human involvement, and if Jero Gede Mecaling was not responsible, then what caused this mysterious phenomenon? And above all, why did it happen? As could be expected, the high priests tried to avoid panic by stating that the appearance of the temple marks was 'a good sign', promising 'protection' and 'good luck' - despite the still at that time seemingly involvement of the icon of evil, Jero Gede Mecaling. When confronted with the fact that there were also  family compounds that did not show these mysterious
marks, a pedanda (high priest) from Singaraja hastened to assure that in fact this didn't matter as the signs were meant for all the people.

Mark signs at the plankiran of an internet cafe in Lovina It doesn't seem to make sense. If the phenomenon was meant for all the Hindu people, why would the apparently supernatural powers that were responsible 'forget' or 'pass' 40 percent of their temples? And why would these powers manifest just to indicate that the (Hindu) people are/will be in a situation of protection and good luck? And with the seemingly involvement of Gede Mecaling at the time, why would an icon of evil promise 'protection' if certain conditions in connection with Galungan were met, but disease and disaster if not?

Given the fact that spirituality doesn't make any distinction between religions, that the temple marks are a supernatural (spiritual) phenomenon and that the phenomenon only manifested in Hindu circles, it seems plausible to assume that an answer to the 'why' of the phenomenon might be found in the spiritual symbolism of Hindu Dharma, and at the same time that the phenomenon implies a message for mankind as a whole. In this respect, all we need to do is to select and analyze the most important facts that surfaced during the phenomenon. Mark signs at a shrine of a family temple in desa Kayuputih Melaka, Buleleng

Galungan and Nyepi - the phenomenon took place three weeks before the Galungan festival (March 9th) and Nyepi (March 11th). During the Galungan festival a series of symbolic cleansing ceremonies are held, meant to cleanse the micro cosmos (the self or inner world) and the macro cosmos (the universe or outer world). These ceremonies should remind the Hindu's of Bali of the importance of the victory of Dharma over Adharma. In other words, one should realize what man in fact really is, an incarnated soul (the 'higher self') and not 'the flesh (the 'false self', ruled by the ego). Negative emotions in this respect are assets of the 'false self', like fear, doubt, jealousy, hatred, laziness and greed. During Galungan, Sang Kala Tiga 'descends' three times into the physical plane in a (symbolic) attempt to seduce man to negative emotions and actions.

The Penjor is symbolic for the three levels of existence. The bow of the penjor symbolizes the holy mount Agung (top level, the plane of the gods, including the higher self - the plane where we roam in our dreams, while we are asleep). The long pole symbolizes a river (water, symbol of life) which flows from the mountain (plane of the gods and the higher self) through the physical world (mid level, plane of the incarnated soul - the plane of our 'waking life') to the sea (lowest level, the plane of the negative entities, including the false self - the plane of 'ignorance').

Nyepi means 'quiet', 'empty'. During Neypi the Balinese Hindu's are expected to turn inside themselves and meditate, to realize their true being. During this day no traffic and no lights are allowed, which emphasizes the symbolism of 'emptiness' and 'silence'. Connected with Nyepi is the Ogoh-ogoh ceremony, during which the bhuta-kala ('evil' entities, symbolic for man's negative emotions and actions) are made visible as hideous giants and carried through the streets, to be burnt at the beach in the evening before Nyepi (symbolic for willfully releasing of one's negative emotions, thoughts and actions). As everything has become empty and silent during Nyepi, as a result the bhuta kala will have left - to their 'base' at Pura Dalem Ped, Nusa Penida.

Jero Gede Mecaling is regarded as the leader of these bhuta kala, the 'invisible, negative entities' (read: negative emotions and actions) that disrupt the balance within and between people. He resides at the Pura Ped temple on Nusa Penida, the 'home' of the negative entities.

The family temple is the place where the deified ancestors (higher selves) of the family and the gods are honored. Therefore the appearance of the marks, perfectly timed just before Galungan and Nyepi, might very well be caused by the gods and higher selves, to urge the incarnated souls (mankind) to finally start realizing who they really are, where they come from (plane of the gods) and where they are heading for (returning to the plane of the gods, or...) - and not to signal that mankind is 'protected' and will have 'good luck'. Good luck (or bad luck) and protection are not bestowed upon man from the outside, but are the results of the balance of one's inner world, depending on the positiveness or negativeness of one's beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions.

Hinduism is a monotheistic religion. Its many gods are but manifestions, or certain qualities, of the Almighty Infinite Spirit aka All That Is. This God, through Its manifestations, is present in both the micro cosmos and the macro cosmos. It is also stated in the lontar Bhuana Kosa that the physical world, although real, is an illusion, a creation that will cease to be. In this respect, we (as a micro cosmos) co-create, we create our own personal, physical reality (our personal macro cosmos, which is a condensed projection of our personal beliefs and thoughts) and we must realize that 'one day' this physical 'reality' will, or rather can cease to be - not 'the end of the world' as such, but the end of the world as we know it. Our trusted, three-dimensional world, of which time and space are typical characteristics, is in the process of being replaced by a timeless (multi-dimensional) reality and we will be able to consciously experience this 'new' reality.

Interesting to note here is the fact that the astronomical calendars of both the Maya's of South America and the ancient Egyptians 'stop' at the date December 21st, 2012. At this date all the planets of our solar system will line up with a central sun in the Milky Way. This lining up takes place once every 25,960 years, the time needed for our solar system to evolve around this central sun. As this is happening, polarity slowly falls away and the energy of the cosmos gradually changes.

The message of the temple marks - As the sun causes the molecules of water to vibrate with a higher frequency so it becomes waterdamp until it finally dissolves in the air, invisible to the physical eye, this analogy can also be used for our three-dimensional, physical reality. When a micro cosmos (the incarnated soul) starts to vibrate with a higher frequency, as a result its creations (one's personal reality) will vibrate with a higher frequency too, invisible to the physical eyes of those that keep vibrating with a low frequencies. In order to reach a higher frequency of vibration, the human being should rid him-/herself of negative beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions, all of which vibrate with low frequencies, and replace them with positive ones. If one succeeds, one has freed oneself from the bounds and fetters of three-dimensional, physical existence and enters the infinite and timeless realms of the multi-dimension. As we are 'running out of time' (literally!) the temple marks urge mankind to think and act with love for each other and one's surroundings.

For all of us a personal 'battle' with two voices, one from 'above', one from 'below'. As free will is involved, which voice will be listened to?