Kaliasem, December 2009 - During a snorkel trip one of the guests of the Adirama Beach Hotel discovered a strange underwater construction, located at ca 150 meter off the beach in the sea behind the hotel. It is unclear what this construction exactly is, or used to be. Therefore, we can only speculate on its (former) function.

The construction consists of three stone squares positioned on top of each other. the corners of the higher squares are positioned on top of the middle of the sides of the one direct below. The lowest square measures ca. 5x5 mtr, the top one ca. 2x2 mtr, thus forming a pyramid-like construction. The top of the construction lies about 2 mtr under water, depending on the tide. Furthermore the construction lies at the edge of the reef, at a few meter distance from a ca. 100 meter deep trench.

Since the discovery of this mysterious construction, various speculations on its origin have been posed, among others:
  • an underwater anchor place of the VOC
  • the base of a primitive lighthouse
  • the remains of a Buddhist water temple
If you have any idea, we are very interested to hear your opinion, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you can shed some light on its origins.

< a sketch of the construction

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