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North Bali Culture

Public library Lovina

Kalibukbuk, May 2009 - On the 1st of May 2009 the public library 'Coba Baca' opened her doors to all residents living in the North of Bali. The library is open to literally everyone - local people, expatriates living in the area and visitors to Lovina. Everyone is welcome to read and/or borrow books at the Coba Baca library of Lovina. Hundreds of books are available in the Indonesian, English and Dutch language.


Coba Baca is a foundation, engaged in education and welfare, mainly in relation to Balinese women and children. The library consists of the ground floor of hotel 'Bali Jegeg', located at Jalan Raya Singaraja-Seririt in Kalibukbuk (central Lovina).

The books of the library are either bought or donated by private people and organizations. The library disposes of a broad variety of magazines and newspapers in different languages.

The Coba Baca library receives a lot of enthusiastic response from schoolchildren, parents, schoolteachers, professors at universities, students and the local government. The reason: there was much need for such a library, which was non-existent in the North of Bali.

The library is in many respects different from other libraries, in size, basis, working method and offered services.

The services of Coba Baca consist of courses and activities that are provided with the purpose to stimulate underprivileged people, who attend these courses and activities, to read. Among these courses and activities are English lessons, learning how to play the guitar, playing chess and handicraft courses. Students also do their homework in the library.

Coba Baca makes a lot of the things they use themselves, for example: producing all kinds of documents in three languages (Indonesian, English and Dutch), membershipcards, promotion material, mending damaged books, designing different bookracks depending on different purposes.

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Public Library Coba Baca,
Jl. Raya Singaraja-Seririt,
Kalibukbuk - Lovina

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