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North Bali Nature
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The nature of North Bali offers the interested visitor a wide range of opportunities to indulge in leisure and activities.

North Bali's natural environment is diverse and surprisingly spectacular. There are quiet rural beaches, green rice terraces, plantations of all kinds such as coffee, cocoa and tobacco, it has mangrove forests, rainforests, dozens of hugh waterfalls, volcanoes and idyllic mountain lakes.

The wildlife of North Bali, including the sea life, is very varied. In the child friendly, shallow water of the Bali Sea you can still find hectares of beautiful coral reefs with a rich marine life, excellent for unconcerned swimming, diving and snorkeling.
Experiencing the nature of North Bali is very easy. Wherever you stay you will always be either in the midst of nature or close to it.

Most hotels and local travel agents in Northern Bali offer standard daytrip programs from which you can choose those trips that appeal to you most. introduces some non-standard, exclusive nature day-trips that you will not or seldom find on the programs of hotels and local travel agencies.

Detailed information on these exclusive non-standard trips can be found in the photo articles.
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North Bali Nature
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