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North Bali Culture

INTRODUCTION - Living in North Bali, attractive and affordable

Already since decades the tropical island of Bali has not only been a popular holiday destination but also a very attractive place to live to many Westerners.

The statistics show that Northern Bali seems to be popular to Western Europeans in particular, of whom the Dutch, German and English form the larger part.

Living in Bali has always been compared to living in paradise. Bali has an eternal summer with a constant, agreeable temperature that varies between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius, a lazy pace of life, a beautiful nature and a very attractive culture.

The traditional and rural atmosphere of Northern Bali and the absence of mass tourism (with as a result no traffic jams, and less pollution than in Southern Bali) makes the North extremely attractive to those who prefer to live in peace and quiet close to or amidst nature while still within easy reach of the airport, the shopping malls and the hustle 'n bustle of the South (averagely 90km / 2,5 hrs by car via perfect roads).

Although there is no mass tourism (yet), North Bali still has an infrastructure of good national and international restaurants, bars and café's, a wide range of hotels varying from backpacker homestays to  luxury five star villa resorts, SPA's, supermarkets,

bakeries, western oriented doctors, hospitals and 24hr drugstores, western schools, banks, ATM's, internet providers and plenty of opportunity for sports, activities and leisure. In North Bali you will also find two Rotary Clubs. In the Links section of this website you will find an extensive list per category with links to their websites, where available.

The costs of living in Bali are low compared to those of Western countries. The costs of living in Bali's most northern district Buleleng are lowest (about 30% lower than for example in South Bali) and property prices here are exponentially lower. While it is hard to find land in the South for under Euro 15,000 / USD 20,000 per are (100 square meter) nowadays, you can still buy land for around Euro 1,500 / USD 2,000 per are in Northern Bali.

Real Estate Agencies - There are several real estate agencies active in the North of Bali that intermediate in the buying and selling of property and take care of the bureaucracy of legal documents for you. Some of these agencies also do villa construction projects, villa rentals, villa management and garden landscaping. Most of these agencies have an office in the Lovina area.

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