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North Bali Culture
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The unique culture of North Bali is in many respects different from that of other parts of Bali. The high, volcanic mountain range that divides Bali from east to west has through the ages secluded the northern areas from the south. It was not until good roads were constructed that the north of Bali came 'in reach'.

In historical respect the earliest settlements are found along the north coast of Bali, in particular the area east of Singaraja. Where the dangerous reefs and strong currents along the south coast always prevented the safe landing of ships, seafarers from southeast Asia were able to land in the calm water of the Bali Sea to establish trade posts on the North coast of Bali.
Experiencing the culture of North Bali can be done in many ways. You could visit a temple festival, be invited to a family ceremony, watch a wayang kulit puppet play, join in a joged dance or visit an ikat or gamelan instrument factory. Some hotels regularly organize evenings with Balinese music and dance.

weekly Balinese music and dance at
Adirama Seaside Restaurant, Lovina
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North Bali Culture
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