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Coma Pasah Wage - Juluwangi  
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 Calendar of Events & Ceremonies
 October 2017
 07 - Tumpek Uduh / Pengatag
 15 - Siwaratri
 25 - Sugian Pengenten
 26 - Sugian Jawa
 27 - Sugian Bali
 29 - Penyekeban
 30 - Penyajaan Galungan
 31 - Penampahan Galungan

Lovina Beach is generally considered as the most well known area in the North of Bali, however there are many lesser known areas and places in the North that are of interest too to visitors of Bali, like Singaraja, Seririt, Pemuteran, Banjar, Bedugul, Munduk, Mayong, Rangdu, Air Sanih and Lemukih to mention a few.

Most info on this North Bali website is presented in the form of photo articles, which are devided over several distinct sections such as:

North Balinese Culture - covering topics such as the Royal Palace of Singaraja, Lontar Library Gedong Kirtya Singaraja, Gamelan Gong Kebyar

Natureof the North - information on among others Bali Barat National Park, Hot Springs of Banjar (Air Panas) - Jungle Trekking in Lemukih

North Bali People - interviews with local Balinese people and expatriates living in the North.

North Bali Places - detailed information on villages and towns such as. Singaraja, Lovina Beach, Kalibukbuk, Seririt

North Bali Hotels - accommodation in the Northern areas of Bali can be found in all price classes in many different locations. Whether you prefer a family hotel, a boutique hotel, backpacker accommodation, homestays, or a luxury private villa, you will most certainly find suitable accommodation in North Bali. Lovina Beach by tradition has the largest amount of hotels.

North Bali Restaurants & Bars - Reviews of restaurants in the North Bali area